Public test instance offers a public test instance to ease development on services depening on its API. The instance is connected to the Monero state network and Bitcoin test network. (The Monero test network is intended for protocol development and is not suitable to test service integration).

You can create an order, send Monero stagenet coins to, and will receive Bitcoin testnet coins on successful order execution.


The addresses used look different from mainnet ones: Monero stagenet addresses start with 5, while Bitcoin testnet addresses start with m, n or 2.


The public test instance is accessible under

~~You can access the test instance through TOR using http://xmrtoozzngvdifcz.onion~~

We do not have a Tor onion address at the moment. You can still use in the Tor browser, however.


As there is no BTC/XMR exchange available on the stagenet, the hotwallet of the public test instance cannot be automatically refilled. If the service runs low (i.e., the max order is very small), simply send Bitcoin testnet coins to the following address: